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My Whimcees

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Book of Gift Tags Tutorial


Today I have the Little Book of Gift Tags tutorial for you. I hope that it helps you create this fun project! If you have any questions, let me know and I would be happy to help. :<)

Start with a 12 x 12 sheet of CS or DP and score/fold it in half at 6 inches.
Score at 2 inches on two opposite sides and fold in towards the center.

It will look like this.

Turn your sheet and fold in the other direction at the center or score/fold at 6 inches. Then score/fold in half again at 3 inches. It will then look like this.

Fold in the 2 inch lengths on each side of your paper. Like this.

Now turn your paper so that the 2 inch lengths are on the sides and cut on the center line up to - but not through - the last folded line. Like this.

Turn your paper towards you so that the uncut portion is facing you. Bend at the fold.

Keep bending it together until it looks like this.

Continue pushing it together until the two sides meet. Accordian fold the two sides towards the center fold. You can now see all the cute little pockets for the tags! :<)

View from the top to show the accordian folds coming out from the sides.

Some of the pieces will need to be taped together. This is the center fold with my favorite Scor tape in place! :<) It tears! I love it!

This is how the center fold will look when the sides are taped together. Be sure to use a narrow tape or the pockets will be too narrow to hold the tags!

The ends will also need to be taped - like this.

All nice and smooth. Remember to use narrow tape! :<)

And there you have it - your Little Book of Gift Tags ready for the back binding strip to be added to keep it together.

I take a wide strip of CS with Score tape applied along the sides and wrap it around the back edge of the book with an equal amount showing on the front and back. Now it just needs to be decorated and the tags added!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope this helped! You can see my sample on 11/23/09 post.

Tomorrow I have a new project - then some additional samples - then another tutorial! :<)

Barbara Diane


helen said...

It's the tag booklet! Thanks for the tutorial.

Jackie Thomas said...

Fabulous tutorial Barbara, will definately give this one a go. Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes too. xo Jackie

Carol said...

Barbara...thank you so very much for doing this tutorial. I really appreciate it and after the Puppy card I finish tomorrow....this is my next project. This is perfect for a blog hop project I need to do. Thanks again so're the best. Can't wait to see more of your projects coming up. I'll be back.
Have a wonderful evening and God Bless!