My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, December 6, 2012

#9 Is Missing Two Pieces but Complete . . . .


Well, my part of the puzzle challenge with my brother is almost at an end - one more puzzle to go! This last one was a crazy-making one with so many things the same color! Santa's beard and trim on his suit, the lamb, the dove, the polar bear, the pair of penguins and the wolf - all different shade of white. Crazy-making! And sadly, when I was finished I discovered that two pieces were missing. (Can you spot them?) This is the 9th puzzle from the box so I guess the odds were that there may be a missing piece or two. I took my living room area apart where I am working on them and no stray pieces had hit the floor - so I am at a loss as to why the missing pieces! Factory packing error?

I hope that you still complete the puzzle dear brother, as it is a great one to do! Plus, I don't want you to get out of putting together this difficult one just because of two missing pieces! :<) So, I am now working on the final puzzle - #10 - and it is going much faster! No more white pieces to strain my poor eyesight! I was going to mail #9 today but I think that I will wait until I finish this last one and send them both together. Two trips to the post office this year during the holiday season is already enough for me - the lines are long and people so impatient - and it is only the first week in December!

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! Wishing you a happy day!

Barbara Diane


Lisa Jane said...

oh its beautiful.. you have so much patience
Lisa x

Krisha said...

What a wonderful puzzle. I used to work puzzles all the time, been years, except for the ones the granddaughters need help with! But this one makes me want to run out and buy an adult one.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Puzzle mania Barbara! It was so fun seeing each one take shape. Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a lovely picture the puzzle turns in to. I can see how it would have been difficult with all those similar colors.

Mrs A. said...

How annoying to have some pieces missing. Hugs Mrs .a.

Sassy Cheryl said...

Totally LOL on the taking the LR area apart looking for the last two pieces! I would have done the same thing. Sorry that you didn't find them though. That would be driving me nuts! WIth that said. . . .hope the puzzle challenge with your brother continues to go well. :)
Thanks for sharing in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.