My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Taking A Break With Puzzles


I have been under such intense stress here for weeks now that I found it difficult to concentrate on creating and also having limited time to work in because of involvement with other things didn't help matters either. I felt many times like I was losing my mind because of the never-ending issues and desperately needed a stress reliever other than food! :<) I was wandering around in a Barnes and Noble store- which is one of my favorite places to spend time in - and I saw their Christmas display of board puzzles. Shelf upon shelf of boxes of wonderfully colored puzzles in all shapes and sizes - and I remembered how much fun it was to put them together. Some of my fondest memories are of the time I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law and we worked together matching up puzzle pieces at the dining room table and laughing at our many failed attempts and competitive moments. My brother is a puzzle wizard and can pick up a piece and put it in place when just walking by the table - so he can make you crazy when it is the piece you have spent a large amount of time searching for! For many years my Christmas presents to him were the most difficult puzzles I could find to see if there was one he couldn't complete.(Like one that was nothing but a photo of straight pins!) So, I saw this box of TEN puzzles - from small and easy to large and difficult - and I thought 'this is just the thing!' I will put each one together and take a photo for proof and then send them on to my brother as a pre-Christmas challenge.

Those of you who read my blog know that my apartment is very small and my living room area is about big enough to walk from the couch to the chair! :<) Where was I to work on my puzzles? I have a tiny kitchen and my small round table (with 1 chair) holds my micro-wave so that was out. Plus you can't work on puzzles in a kitchen where the table is 3 feet from the stove! So I set up a large TV tray in the living room but it was only large enough for the very small puzzles and after completing two of those I was hooked. I worked 6 hours straight one night!  So I went out and purchased a card table and called it an early Christmas present for myself. This is my set up. I have to sit on two pillows on my couch as otherwise I am too low - but it works! I am regaining my sanity hopefully - and in the meantime this is so much enjoyment.

#1 and #2
#8  I had to put the black pieces on white paper to see the shapes - an all black sky wasn't easy!
 #9 in progress. Now this one is hard! 
A wolf, two penguins, a polar bear, Santa's beard and a dove all about the same color! Plus a teddy bear, a lamb and Santa's clothes (with that same color trim as above).

So, to my brother Richard - I am going to keep working on this number #9 and then on to #10 and if I am still walking and talking when those two are finished I will mail them to you. But in the meantime I am mailing you a package with the above EIGHT completed puzzles in the box - all nicely taken apart and put in their own little bags so that you can have a go at them. (I may have left a few together to help you out.) I have take photos of mine for proof - are you up for the challenge? I know that Bonnie will help you when you are stuck! :<)

Well, it's back to the card table for me! In between puzzle pieces when resting my eyes, I will try to visit you all to see what you are creating! Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane


trisha too said...

Oh gosh, Barbara, I admire your being able to do puzzles--they make me nutso! These are all adorable, what a fun Christmas thing to do!

Well, for most people--like I told you, me + puzzle = coconuts!


custerguy said...

Do I have a time limit? Do I need to get the first 8 done before receiving the ninth? Or should I wait until Christmas to open them?
Your Brother.

Gaby said...

What a great challenge. ;-)
I also love puzzles. They help me to relax, too.
The box you bought holds some really pretty images.

Great job so far. Keep up the good work.

Have a great day!

Rhonda Miller said...

That sounds like fun. These puzzles are great.

Linda said...

What a lovely puzzles, take good care off your self
hugs Linda

debby4000 said...

We used to always have a puzzle going when I was living at home with my parents.
I can remember many evenings spent trying to fill in the sky the worst bit.
Maybe I should buy one for everyone to do one at christmas the ones you are doing would be perfect.

Elizabeth Allan said...

My family loves puzzles too. My younger sister used to hide a piece at the beginning so she could be the last one to finish the puzzle!

Mrs A. said...

What a super challenge for your brother. Hope he takes a photo to show he has mad each one. #3 looks like it would give me a headache to make. Loved making them as a child and my daughter likes to make them too. Hugs Mrs a.

Anna said...

One of my local-ish thrift stores has a huge collectionof puzzles, 50 cents each. I occasionally pick up one or two (and I've only had a couple of missing pieces!), but they tend to be 1000-1500 piece landscapes, so putting together large patches of trees/sky/grass gets to be both addictive and crazy-making!

(This is Anna from twelve22, by the way.)