My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ohhhh Emmmm Geeee! It Certainly Did Snow!


OMG! We ARE having a blizzard! That was my first thought when I went outside this morning after the first big snow overnight. It is still snowing now at noon and it is to continue all day and into tonight, It is very warm outside - in the 30's - and we have the Thunder-Snow - so weird! While out cleaning off the car one hears this rolling loud thunder and it is snowing!

Here is what I saw when I first went outside and took photos before I started to clean off my car. I have since been out 3 times to clean it and move it and now I am staying in for the day until the snow stops long enough for the plow to come again. It was very wet snow - so heavy - and with it being so deep I was soaking wet when finished the first time. The second and third time too, now that I think on it - with a heavy wet snowfall coming down. The poor trees are going to have broken branches again as the heavy snow just pulls everything down because of the weight. It is beautiful to look at with the snow sticking to everything though - like a fairyland.

When I went out the second time I took photos from the front of the building - the first ones were taken at the back parking lot where I park my car. You can see how wet and heavy the snow is by the amount sticking to the trees and building and it continued to fall so hard that on the photo of the flagpole in the center of the circle drive you can see the snowplow in the back left of the photo - not finished yet with the parking lot - and where he has already cleaned it is filling up again! You can see the depth of the snow he has already removed by what is left around the base of the flagpole where a flower garden is. And it just kept coming down!

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog today! To all of you who continue to leave me your kind comments even though I am so behind in repaying the visit - thank you! I WILL get to your blogs to leave a message soon - difficult times here and I have been working on those Christmas cards when I find a minute. I do visit your blogs but don't leave messages - but I am keeping up on your beautiful creations! Wishing you a good day today! I am going out to clean my car again soon - I can't believe how much has fallen again since I started this post! We are still in a winter warning and blizzard conditions until after midnight tonight, when it is to stop. Unbelievable! I am too old for this now!

Barbara Diane


Linda said...

Wow what a beautiful pictures, I love snow. And you had so much snow, we only have rain the last few days
hugs Linda

Sandee Shanabrough said...

How gorgeous!!!! I love snow and rarely see it down here in the south! Thanks for sharing!

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness, what a snow storm. It is beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Helen said...

oh, wow, that was a lot of snow. it is so pretty but I don't like the aftermath though.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

How beautiful (from a nice snug and cozy don't have to go out and deal with it perspective!) You have the perfect reason to stay tucked in and stamp and put puzzles together until your heart's content! Be safe if you do venture out! Blessings, Sharon

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Barbara
Fabulous snow photos and here we are in Adelaide sweltering 30 odd degrees will be 39 here on Sunday !! HOT!!
Love all the snowman Christmas cards and then all the decorated tree cards as well .
Have enjoyed browsing your blog tonight .
Merry Christmas , Good health and happiness in the New Year that follows

Elizabeth Allan said...

A beautiful winter wonderland! Sending you Christmas wishes Barbara!

Duendes said...

Hi Barbara,
my lovely friend,A Very Blessed & Merry Christmas
from our family to your family.