My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, March 9, 2007

Creating A Picture Trail

Today the morning was spent working on my new Picture Trail albums - re-sizing and transferring photos. It is so much fun to have this blog and now a site where my doll photos are all in one place for viewing!

In addition to working in cloth, I also sculpt using the polymer clays and PaperClay.

These are photos of my REMEMBER! doll. She is sculpted from polymer clay, has a wire body armature, a cloth body and wool roving hair. I made her as a reminder to keep my personal power to myself and not to give it away. She was quite a drama queen while she was being created and it was a struggle between what I had in mind and what she wanted to be! :<} There had to be jewelry (including a huge 'diamond' ring), glitter in her hair, etc. Once I accepted the well learned fact that I am only the labor, everything went smoothly. So every day, there she sits, reminding me with a shake of her finger to Remember! and protect the power. Her hands are purposely made larger than scale to the rest of her to call attention to them.
Check out my new picture trail to see more photos at:

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