My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Of My "Studio" Area

More views of my "studio" area. The beautiful fern is one I rescued from the dumpster behind my apartment building on my birthday this past November! Someone had carelessly thrown this wonderful plant away and when I took out my trash I discovered it sitting on top of the trash bags under the cover of the trash bin. There had been just enough room at the top so that it wasn't squashed and the cover gave it some protection from the cold and snow. It could not have been there too many hours and although it had a bit of frostbite damage, after some trimming and warmth and water and sunlight it has flourished! It has a lot of new growth and is very green and healthy looking! It is was my Happy Birthday fern and although I have such limited space I was able to find a place for it and now it brings a smile to my face everyday when I see how it brightens up the room!

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Whimcees said...

Hi Barbara, I love your new blog.I will try to visit it again soon.Congrats on an endeavor well begun that will bring you compliments galore and many smiles, as well as hours of fun communication. Be well, know that you and your creative genius are loved and admired. Hugs, Conni