My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Second Option Doll Completed

Well, the second doll is completed. The arms went on in the same way as the legs - top pleated and stuck through an opening in the body and sewed into the seam - but there was more room to work and as they are closer to the top of the body, it was much easier to work from the inside. The head was also attached in a way new to me. After the body was stuffed, the neck edge was turned under and the head was placed inside the neck and the body edge sat on top. I wasn't sure how this would look but the end result looks fine. The body shape and the head shape are more what I want, but not quite. This is a very cute doll and she can certainly pose! :<} Tomorrow I start the third doll - the pattern seems to be a combination of sorts of the first two dolls but some differences in construction. A fourth doll has a very different style of sewing the face so it will all be interesting. But I am still thinking I may have to make my own pattern for my Shirley Temple doll using a sort of mix 'n match. :<}

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