My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, March 30, 2007

Third Option Doll Finished

The third doll is completed and of the three that are finished at this point, it is the closest to the body shape that I want for my Shirley Temple doll. The shape of the calf on this leg is what I am trying for, the height is good but I want the body and neck as separate body pieces I think. I want more of a tummy and a wider body than this doll has but I am finally getting closer to the final pattern now. I like different construction areas of each of the three dolls - the fingers of the first doll, the arch in the foot of the second doll and the length and shape of the leg in this doll as well as the height. But I need a break from this project for awhile, so I am starting the surprise doll for my brother to sit by his computer and will not start another option doll until I finish it. :<} The first photo is of the fabric that will be used to make her - him - her - ? If you are reading this Dick, I hope you will like it! :<}

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