My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Harry - The Body


Now my favorite part - choosing the fabrics for the two Harry's bodies! I wanted the colors to be bright as he is a happy fellow, right? So this is what I chose.

The arms and hats sewn and turned right side out and the bodies, which have been sewn on the side seams and are inside out, waiting to have the bottoms attached. There are no legs on this doll as Happy Harry is a stump doll.

The bottoms of the bodies are basted in.

The bodies completed and right side out.

Happy Harry #1 now has all his pieces sewn, hands attached to the arms, pieces are all stuffed and ready to be assembled. A bit of ribbon for hat and neck ruffles.

Happy Harry #2 is on his way to joining him.

And so we have them. Happy Harry #1 and #2 are taking shape! But now they need faces!

Thanks for stoppin by today! Tomorrow the faces are sculpted and finished.
It is RAINING AGAIN here in this part of WI. Enough rain I say! :<) Wishing you sunshine!

Barbara Diane


Helen said...

Hello Barbara,
You have been very busy!!! Look at all those tiny pieces!!!

I have a fun award for you on my blog.

Rhonda Miller said...

I love those materials you've chosen. I can't wait to see them when they're finished.

Michelle said...

This is a facination project, thank you so much for sharing the process. Im looking forward to the end result.
Hoping that you are having a wonderful day!